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Total Death
Artist: Darkthrone
Format: cd

New 2-disc edition of 'Total Death' includes a commentary disc recorded late 2010, where both Fen..
Thorns Vs Emperor
Artist: Thorns
Format: cd

Originally formed in 1989 by mastermind Snorre Ruch, Marius Vold, and Bård Faust (Emperor), Norwe..
666 International
Artist: Dodheimsgard
Format: cd

To fans of black metal, Dødheimsgard need no introduction, being as they are one of the great pur..
Artist: Gehenna
Format: cd

Norwegian band Gehenna was formed in early 1993, with the recording of their cult 'Black Seared H..
Artist: Paatos
Format: cd

Breathing, the fifth album from Paatos, was recorded between 2008 and 2010 during a time of perso..
Easter Everywhere
Artist: The 13th Floor Elevators
Format: cd

'The fearless trailblazers of psychedelia and one of the most kick-ass rock bands ever... For two..
Welcome To My DNA
Artist: Blackfield
Format: cd

Blackfield is the acclaimed collaboration between Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) and Israeli arti..
Artist: Ex-Wise Heads
Format: cd

Accessible and absorbing, just over an hour of new music showcases the duo's ever developing fasc..
Missa Atropos
Artist: Gazpacho
Format: cd

The 2011 studio release from acclaimed Norwegian Post-Progressive band Gazpacho, and its first fo..
Artist: Svefn Plural
Format: cd

Atay Ilgun's solo project ends with this release after two previous EP's.   Atay say..
Live At The Paradiso
Artist: Van Der Graaf Generator
Format: cd

A captivating double cd featuring a performance by Van Der Graaf Generator filmed at The Paradiso..
Sometime Soon
Artist: The Curator
Format: cd

A linked suite of focused songs and wayward instrumentals Sometime Soon tells the story of a 50 y..
Artist: Ian Boddy
Format: cd

Released as a limited edition of 1000 copies and presented in a beautifully designed digipak,..
Darkly, Darkly Venus Aversa
Artist: Cradle Of Filth
Format: cd

One of the most infamous and notorious names in metal, Cradle Of Filth continue to shock, excite,..
The Psychedelic Sounds Of...
Artist: The 13th Floor Elevators
Format: cd

This 2 disc edition of the band's debut features the original mono version plus the original 1966..
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