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Format: cd
Artist: That Joe Payne
Availability: 07-08-2020
CatNo: TJPCD001
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That Joe Payne By Name By Nature CD The Enid
Packed with drama and combining Classical and Pop elements, By Name. By Nature is the debut solo album from the remarkable vocalist That Joe Payne [ex-The Enid]. 
Ms Amy Birks guests.
CD in 4-panel digipak with 20-page booklet and 2 bonus tracks.
1. The Thing About Me Is
2. By Name. By Nature.
3. Nice Boy
4. In My Head
5. What is the World Coming To
6. Love (Not the Same) [feat. Ms Amy Birks]
7. I Need a Change
8. End of the Tunnel
Bonus Tracks
9. Music for a While
10. Moonlit Love