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Format: vinyl
Artist: Focus
CatNo: MOVLP023
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Focus Moving Waves vinyl

The second album from Focus (also known as Focus II), released in 1971 and including the band's most successful single, Hocus Pocus.

180g vinyl pressing.

Side A
1. Hocus Pocus 6:35
2. Le Clochard (Bread) 1:55
3. Janis 3:00
4. Moving Waves 2:30
5. Focus II 4:00
Side B
1. Eruption (22:35)
i. Orfeus, Answer, Orfeus
ii. Answer, Pupilla, Tommy, Pupilla
iii. Answer, The Bridge
iv. Euridice, Dayglow, Endless Road
v. Answer, Orfeus, Euridice