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Format: CD
Artist: Flaming Youth
CatNo: FGBG2132
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Flaming_Youth Ark_2 CD Phil_Collins

2023 Musea label reissue of Ark 2, the only studio album by the short lived British rock band Flaming Youth, originally released in October 1969.

Featuring Phil Collins, Brian Chatton (Jackson Heights), Ronnie Caryl and Gordon Smith, the album was a critically acclaimed conceptual work telling the story of humanity's evacuation from a burning Earth and its journey into space. 

Includes the 12 minute plus suite The Planets and two bonus tracks.

CD in digisleeve.

1 Guide Me, Orion 3:16
2 Earthglow 2:52
3 Weightless 2:37
4 The Planets (12:47)
  a Mars - Bringer Of War
  b Venus - Bringer Of Peace
  c Mercury - The Winged Messenger
  d Jupiter - Bringer Of Jollity
  e Saturn - Bringer Of Old Age
  f Uranus - The Magician
  g Neptune - The Mystic
5 Changes 5:48
6 Pulsar 3:05
7 Space Child 5:10
8 In The Light Of Love 3:26
9 From Now On (Immortal Invisible) 4:19
Bonus Tracks (Mono)
10 Man, Woman And Child 3:14
11 Drifting 3:52