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Format: CD-R
Artist: Faceless
CatNo: BS_132_CD-r
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trip-hop faceless cd-r
A breezy and charming blend of trip-hop, Dream Pop and chill-out Ibiza, recalling Lovesighs-era No-Man, Air and Propellerheads, this is the third album of infectious beats and limpid melodies from the ever-wonderful Faceless duo.
Please note - this CDR has a different tracklisting to the version released by Rainbow Quartz/Amethyst.
1 during one night 08:52
2 cair paravel 05:45
3 fifty-four 05:20
4 bienvenue 05:56
5 drive 04:04
6 resignation 09:07
7 met by moonlight 05:49
8 spaceport 06:46
9 1974 05:39
10 miles 08:42
all tracks are written / produced by tom albrighton and al cormack
made in the eec.  all rights reserved.
photography by carl glover
design by aleph