Grounded is the new download EP from the duo of Porcupine Tree's Colin Edwin and former Henry Cow instrumentalist, Geoff Leigh.
Comprising five tracks recorded during the band's exploratory sessions for the 'Holding Up the Sky' album, this exclusive download EP has a total running time of just under 25 minutes.Featuring guest contributions from trumpet player Ian Dixon and percussionist Rick Edwards, the EP also includes Neil Soutar playing guitar (a first for the Ex-Wise-Heads) on the ambitiously atmospheric title track. 
16bit/44.1kHz Flac
1. first shout
2. grounded
3. hidden shadows
4. the unconcious summons
5. scratching
Total running time 24 minutes
Geoff Leigh: Flutes, soprano saxophone
Colin Edwin : Electric and Double basses, guimbri, programming
Ian Dixon : Trumpet (2)
Rick Edwards : Congas, Shakers, metallic percussion (3)
Neil Soutar : Guitar (2)
This download includes printable cover art by Aleph.