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Artist: Engineers
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three fact fader cd engineers
Four years after the release of their landmark debut, the band released their epic second album, Three Fact Fader. 
The 13-track album was produced by the band along with Ken Thomas (Sigur Rós, M83, Maps) over a period of two years.
Engineers are not like any other band. Onstage Simon Phipps is the singer, Dan Macbean is the guitarist, Mark Peters is the bassist and Sweeney is the drummer, but the real clue is in their name: they approach their music like engineers, carefully constructing wonderful walls of sound. 
Following the rapturous reception that greeted their mini-album Folly in 2004 and debut Engineers the following year, it's taken them a long time to build their epic second album, Three Fact Fader. After initial recording sessions, Engineers became unwitting victims of record company restructuring and the album was left in limbo, unfinished until the band reconvened earlier this year, largely motivated by public support. 
The band have now found a home on Kscope and at long last the album has seen the light of day. 
1. Clean Coloured Wire
2. Sometimes I Realise
3. International Dirge
4. Helped By Science
5. Brighter As We Fall
6. Hang Your Head
7. Crawl From The Wreckage
8. Three Fact Fader
9. Song For Andy
10. Emergency Room
11. The Fear Has Gone
12. Be What You Are
13. What Pushed Us Together