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Artist: Emerson, Lake & Palmer
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Emerson Lake Palmer cd ELP
A 2016 reissue of ELP's genre-defining 1970 debut release.
Fusing Classical influences with Jazz spontaneity and Rock power, the musically bold trio of Emerson Lake and Palmer created an engaging combination of the lyrical (Lucky Man, Take A Pebble) and the explosive (The Barbarian, Tank, Knife Edge).
CD 1 is the 24 bit / High Density 2012 remaster of the original 1970 album by Andy Pearce, while comprises a 2012 Steven Wilson stereo mix, including four bonus tracks from the original albums sessions and four alternate versions of original album tracks
The CD booklet features extensive notes by legendary journalist Chris Welch and an interview with Keith Emerson and Greg Lake.
CD 1 - Emerson, Lake & Palmer (1970):
1. The Barbarian (4:33) 
2. Take A Pebble (12:34) 
3. Knife-Edge (5:08) 
4. The Three Fates (7:45) 
- a. Clotho (Royal Festival Hall Organ) 
- b. Lachesis (Piano Solo) 
- c. Atropos (Piano Trio) 
5. Tank (6:52) 
6. Lucky Man (4:36)
CD 2 - 2012 stereo mixes by Steven Wilson:
1. The Barbarian
2. Take A Pebble 
3. Knife-Edge (with Extended Outro)
4. Promenade 
5. The Three Fates: Atropos (Piano Trio)
6. Rave Up 
7. Drum Solo 
8. Lucky Man 
9. Take A Pebble (Alternate Version)
10. Knife-Edge (Alternate Version)
11. Lucky Man(First Greg Lake Solo Version)
12. Lucky Man (Alternate Version)