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Electronic Sound Issue 96 Magazine Jean-Michel Jarre
Electronic Sound's final cover star of the year is the legendary Jean-Michel Jarre. The magazine comes with a silver vinyl pressing of the synth superstar's ultra-rare debut single from 1971. It's the first time this piece of electronic music history has ever been reissued in its original seven-inch format.
The ever-charming Jean-Michel Jarre is in top form in the in-depth interview, discussing his brilliant new album, Oxymore, a musique concrète record crafted with 21st century technology. 
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The seven-inch boasts two tracks, the intensely rhythmical 'La Cage' on the A-side and the more playful 'Erosmachine' on the reverse. Jarre recorded the former at the Groupe de Recherches Musicales, working at night and in secret because students weren't allowed to use the GRM equipment without supervision. "We didn't even dare turn a light on," he remembers. He employed banks of oscillators and filters on 'La Cage', while 'Erosmachine' is a more obviously musique concrète piece. Together, the two tracks add up to a highly significant and truly superb slice of electronic music history. 



La Cage