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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Elbow
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Elbow Flying Dream 1 Green vinyl
Elbow's ninth studio album, Flying Dream 1 is produced by Craig Potter and presents the band at its most soulful and timeless.
Long term collaborator Alex Reeves returns on drums and percussion, with Sarah Field on clarinets and saxophones. Backing vocalists were Wilson Atie, Adeleye Omotayo, and Marit Røkeberg from London Contemporary Voices and old friend and long-time collaborator Jesca Hoop.
The earthy and affecting spirit of Elbow collides with the ethereal likes of Talk Talk and The Blue Nile.
Limited green vinyl edition.
1. Flying Dream 1
2. After the Eclipse
3. Is It a Bird
4. Six words
5. Calm and Happy
6. Come On, Blue
7. The Only Road
8. Red Sky Radio (Baby Baby Baby)
9. The Seldom Seen Kid
10. What Am I Without You