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Artist: Doom
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Doom Total doom Peaceville cd
Doom's Total Doom, the band's second album, was originally released in 1989.
Now available at mid-price and fully re-mastered.
A history:
After a couple of changes, the definitive line up of Doom emerged in 1987, consisting of Jon Pickering (vox), Brian Talbot (guitar), Pete Nash (bass) Stick (drums)
Around the time Peaceville was starting up, Doom were stirring the Underground. A union seemed inevitable. 
Doom were asked if they would like to contribute songs to the first Peaceville compilation, "A Vile Peace"(VILE 1). Doom recorded their first demo on 27/8/87, but unfortunately Pete broke his wrist and so Jim Whitley (of Napalm Death fame) filled in on the recording. Three songs were recorded at the session, with two appearing on "A Vile Peace".
On the strength of this first recording, Peaceville asked if Doom would record a full L.P. Sold as a cassette at gigs, the "War is Big Business" demo was recorded on 27/11/87. In Feburary 1988, Doom went into the "Rich Bitch" studios and recorded 21 songs for the album, War Crimes (VILE 4).
At the end of 1988, due to personal commitments Bri announced that he would be leaving the band. He stayed long enough to record the split LP "Bury The Debt"(with swedish band No Security) on the Peaceville label. The infamous "Police Bastard" 7" ep (on discarded records) was recorded at the same session.
Total Doom followed in 1989.
Doom finally split after extensive European touring in August 1990.
  1. Relief (Pt.2)
  2. Police Bastard
  3. Diseased
  4. Circles
  5. A Means To An End
  6. Sick Joke '89
  7. No Thought
  8. Black Monday
  9. Nazi Die
  10. Agree To Differ
  11. War On Our Doorstep
  12. Bury The Debt
  13. Life In Freedom
  14. Days Go By
  15. Sold Out Scene
  16. Free Your Self
  17. Confusion
  18. Life Lock
  19. Slave To Convention
  20. A Dream To Come True
  21. Drowning In The Mainstream
  22. Same Mind
  23. Relief
  24. After The Bomb
  25. Stop Gap
  26. Scared
  27. Sick Joke
  28. Natural Abuse
  29. Exploitation
  30. Beat The Boss
  31. Money Drug
  32. Fear Of The Future
  33. No Religion
  34. Phobia For Change
  35. Multinationals
  36. Obscenity
  37. War Crimes