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Artist: Don Klees
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Don Klees Fleetwood Mac in the 1980s Book Mick Fleetwood

Although Fleetwood Mac only recorded two stuido albums together in the 1980s, four of the five members released solo albums that brought their individual contributions to the band into focus.

This book analyses the fascinating and diverse output from the band during this tumultuous decade (including the massive hit Tango In The Night that almost rivalled Rumours in terms of sales).


Don Klees literally watches TV for a living. When not basking in television's glow, he enjoys debating the merits of theatre versus film with his wife, telling his kids about music from before they were born and writing about the pop culture of then and now. Don regularly contributes to Chromakey, CultureSonar, and We Are Cult as well as various anthologies, such as the David Bowie-inspired Me and the Starman. He lives in Maryland, USA.