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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Dobbeltgjenger
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Dobbeltgjenger The Twins Green vinyl Major Parkinson
The Twins is the fourth album by eclectic alt-rock outfit Dobbeltgjenger.
Concerning the battles waged against oneself, the concept revolves around two internal and rivalling twins. The album reflects a chaotic time in songwriter Vegard Wikne’s life in the aftermaths of a mental breakdown. 
Energetic, manic and colourful, but also dark, smothering and hard, The Twins is a constantly shifting statement that perfectly encapsulates its central theme.
Limited green vinyl edition (250 copies globally).
01. Rocket Shoes
02. Harakiri Witchcraft
03. Blood Money
04. Purplegreenish
05. Pink
06. Genghis Khan
07. Like a Crocodile
08. Shoot
09. Toughen Up
10. Frankenstein
11. When You Said That You Were Fine
12. Tumbleweed
13. Done