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Artist: Dobbeltgjenger
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Dobbeltgjenger The Twins CD
The Twins is the fourth album by eclectic alt-rock outfit Dobbeltgjenger.
Concerning the battles waged against oneself, the concept revolves around two internal and rivalling twins. The album reflects a chaotic time in songwriter Vegard Wikne’s life in the aftermaths of a mental breakdown. 
Energetic, manic and colourful, but also dark, smothering and hard, The Twins is a constantly shifting statement that perfectly encapsulates its central theme.
01. Rocket Shoes
02. Harakiri Witchcraft
03. Blood Money
04. Purplegreenish
05. Pink
06. Genghis Khan
07. Like a Crocodile
08. Shoot
09. Toughen Up
10. Frankenstein
11. When You Said That You Were Fine
12. Tumbleweed
13. Done