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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Djam Karet
CatNo: HC020B
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Djam_Karet Island_In_The_Red_Night_Sky RedVinyl Limited Numbered
Djam Karet's 20th album, Island In The Red Night Sky features all four original members of the group and is the band’s darkest release to date.
Conceived as a companion release to previous album A Sky Full Of Stars For A Roof. Island In The Red Night Sky presents a dystopian view of the world we currently live in. Gayle Ellett explained “Working on this album has provided a bit of an escape, an island of reprieve, from the dark pandemic that looms over us all like a menacing red night sky.”
Limited and numbered translucent red vinyl in single sleeve (250 copies globally).
Combining analogue and modular synthesisers with numerous acoustic instruments from around the world, DK explore new territory ona dark psychedelic journey of discovery. Greek bouzouki, harmonium, sitar, udu, talking drum and other ethnic instruments, help bring a warmth to this melancholic and visionary work. Swirling electronic soundscapes and unusual found-sounds merge with traditional instruments, creating a unique netherworld of sound.
In order to maintain a more lively and dynamic sound, no compression was used in the mixing of this album. 
Gayle Ellett explained “We wanted to blend exotic acoustic instruments with dark electronic synths and found-sounds, in a new and unique way, to create a new sound that would help us rise up to a higher level of creativity and quality … and hopefully with this new album we’ve achieved our goals.”
Featured guest musicians include Todd Montgomery (Fernwood) on sitar, Mark Cook (Herd Of Instinct) on guitar and piano, and chanting by Hani Naser.


1  Arrival (6:05)
2  The Master’s Palace (5:53)
3  The Continuum (4:39)
4  CODE - T1242 (5:01)
5  The Other Side (7:13)
6  Light Scattering By Small Particles (3:29)
7  Woolsey Town (7:50)
8  A New Dawn (5:06)
Gayle Ellett: acoustic & electric 6 & 12 string guitars, ebow, analog synths, mellotron choir, 8 & 4 string tenor ukulele, greek bouzouki, harmonium, rhodes, hammond organ, vibraphone, bowed upright bass, viola, udu, ocean drum, field recordings
Mike Henderson: 12-string acoustic guitar, keyboards
Chuck Oken jr: analog & digital keyboard sequencing and soundscapes, drums
Henry Osborne: bass
Guest Players:
Todd Montgomery: sitar (tracks 2 & 7)
Mark Cook: classical guitar, fretless guitar, baritone guitar, slide guitar, piano (track 3) Hani Naser: chanting (track 5)
All music composed by Djam Karet
Produced, mixed and mastered by Gayle Ellett Recorded at Foggy Mountain Studios in Topanga and White Arrow Studios in Claremont, California Graphic Design: