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Format: Vinyl
Artist: DJ Shadow
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DJ Shadow Endtroducing Double vinyl
A 25th anniversary Abbey Road Half Speed Mastered double vinyl edition of DJ Shadow's instrumental Trip Hop classic, Endtroducing.
A defining album of the 1990s, it is famously the first record to be made entirely from samples of other people’s records - with a broad array of sources many mined from the catacomb-like basement under the artist’s favourite record store in Sacramento. This is the store pictured by photographer B+ on the album cover and in many other shots included in the package.
Side A
1. Best Foot Forward 
2. Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt
3. The Number Song 
4. Changeling / Transmission
Side B
1. What Does Your Soul Look Like (Pt. 4)
2. Untitled 
3. Stem / Long Stem / Transmission 2
Side C
1. Mutual Slump 
2. Organ Donor 
3. Why Hip-Hop Sucks In '96 
4. Midnight In A Perfect World
Side D
1. Napalm Brain / Scatter Brain 
2. What Does Your Soul Look Like Pt. 1 / Blue Sky Revisit / Transmission 3