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Artist: Diamond Head
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Diamond Head Lightning To The Nations 2CD Metal
Lightning To The Nations (The White Album, 2021 Remaster) is the ultimate version of this hugely influential Diamond Head album from 1980.
Featuring the original album (taken from ¼ inch master tapes discovered in founder Brian Tatler’s archives), plus bonus tracks, previously unreleased alternative mixes and new cover artwork.
The booklet contains detailed notes on both the era and each song by Brian Tatler.
The original tapes were first quite literally baked (a process which allows degraded tape to be returned to playable quality), then restored and digitized before Diamond Head frontman Rasmus ‘Ras’ Bom Andersen remastered the tracks, ending up with a pristine edition of the original recordings. The alternative mixes, pure treasure for all fans of both Diamond Head and the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, are supplemented by a set of bonus tracks originally recorded in 1980s.
“We wrote instinctively,” says Brian Tatler in his notes, “we had an undeniably unique sound. Four young lads, each with an element that, when combined, produced an alloy that was our own heavy metal sound.”
1. Lightning to the Nations
2. The Prince
3. Sucking My Love
4. Am I Evil?
5. Sweet and Innocent
6. It’s Electric
7. Helpless
8. Lightning to the Nations (Lost Original Mix)
9. The Prince (Lost Original Mix)
10. Sucking My Love (Lost Original Mix)
11. Am I Evil? (Lost Original Mix)
12. Sweet and Innocent (Lost Original Mix)
1. Shoot Out the Lights
2. Streets of Gold
3. Play It Loud
4. Waited Too long
5. Diamond Lights
6. We Won’t Be Back
7. I Don’t Got