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Format: cd
Artist: Deviated Instinct
CatNo: CDVILED126 deleted
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cd peaceville Deviated Instinct Welcome to the Orgy
Norwich's primo kings of stench-headed Crustcore bring us a mid-price re-issue of the cock crunching classic, 'Welcome to the Orgy'.
Featuring the band's legendary first single (the first ever on Peaceville) and their two albums, 'Rock 'N' Roll Conformity' & 'Guttural Breath' on one digitally remastered CD. 
John Peel favourites, the band did two sessions with him in the early nineties.
The band toured extensively with acts such as Napalm Death, Carcass, Bolt Thrower, Amebix among others before disbanding in 1994.
1. Scarecrow
2. Cancer Spreading
3. Disciples of the Storm
4. Despair
5. Pearls Before Swine
6. Laugh in your Face
7. Conquest for Eternity
8. House of Cards
9. Putrid Scum
10. Through the Looking Glass
11. Time and Tide
12. When the Chapter Closes
13. Return of Frost
14. Mechanical Extinction
15. Rock 'N' Roll Conformity
16. Dooms' Day
17. The Resurrection Encore
18. Void
19. Beyond Pain
20. Dripfeeder
21. Molten Tears
22. Domino Syndrome
23. Aqualung
24. Delirium Carnival
25. (Behind) The Scaffold