Skyscraper Souls is the third studio album from the duo of Chris Braide and Geoff Downes.
Featuring new artwork from Roger Dean and guest appearances from Andy Partridge, Marc Almond, Tim Bowness, David Longdon (Big Big Train) and Kate Pierson (B52s), the album is the most traditionally Progressive DBA release to date.
1. Prelude (FT Andy Partridge)
2. Skyscraper Souls (FT Kate Pierson)
3. Glacier Girl (FT Andy Partridge)
4. Angel On Your Shoulder (FT Matthew Koma)
5. Tomorrow (FT David Longdon)
6. Lighthouse (FT Tim Bowness)
7. Skin Deep (FT Marc Almond)
8. Darker Times (FT Andy Partridge)
9. Finale (FT Andy Partridge)