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Format: CD
Artist: David Sylvian & Stephan Mathieu
CatNo: CDGRON273
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David Sylvian_Stephan Mathieu Wandermude CD Japan

David Sylvian’s experimental breakthrough album Blemish reinterpreted by the remarkable electroacoustic musician Stephan Mathieu.

Working from the instrumental source material, Mathieu teases new meanings out of the most stirring textures and darkest thoughts from this pivotal album.

Wandermüde was originally released in 2012.

2023 CD edition with previously unreleased track.

1. Saffron Laudanum 8:35
2. Velvet Revolution 7:50
3. Trauma Ward 6:00
4. The Farther Away I Am (Minus 30 Degrees) 11:10
5. Dark Pastoral 4:05
6. Telegraphed Mistakes 14:04
7. Deceleration 5:20
8. I Can't Pretend To Care 08:40