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Format: CD
Artist: David Sylvian
CatNo: CDGRON256
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David Sylvian Sleepwalkers CD Japan
A 2022 revised and remastered reissue of Sleepwalkers (2010) by David Sylvian.
A CD in a digipak, this new edition features the previously unreleased track Modern Interiors.
Sleepwalkers collects the fruits of one-off meetings and lifelong partnerships, jumping from bliss to intrigue, romance to sensuality, arch experiments to lushest pop.
Featuring music recorded in collaboration with Steve Jansen, Nine Horses, Arve Henriksen, Ryuichi Sakamoto and more.
1. Sleepwalkers 
2. Money For All  
3. Do You Know Me Now?
4. Angels
5. World Citizen - I Won’t Be Disappointed
6. Five Lines 
7. The Day the Earth Stole Heaven
8. Modern Interiors
9. Exit / Delete 
10. Pure Genius 
11. Wonderful World
12. Transit 
13. World Citizen 
14. The World Is Everything
15. Thermal 
16. Sugarfuel 
17. Trauma