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Format: Vinyl
Artist: David Rhodes
CatNo: DR001
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David_Rhodes The David Rhodes Band Vinyl


Rhodes is a trio led by Peter Gabriel/Scott Walker/Random Hold guitarist David Rhodes.
Produced by Chris Hughes, mixed by Tchad Blake and featuring Ged Lynch (Gabriel/Sylvian) on drums and Charlie Jones (Robert Plant/Goldfrapp) on bass.
Combining plaintive ballads, Power Trio Rock pieces and accessible melodies, Rhodes displays a rarely heard side of a hugely underrated musician.
Vinyl version.


Side 1:
1. If I Could Empty My Head (3:18)
2. Grinding Wheel (4:51)
3. Ship Of Fools (5:35)
4. You Are The North Wind (2:47)
5. Monkey On My Back (3:35)
Side Two:
1. Waggle Dance (4:31)
2. Time (3:31)
3. Three Is Everything (4:11)
4. My Blue Balloon (4:51)
5. Be Mine (5:14)


David Rhodes - Guitars, Voice
Ged Lynch - Drums, Percussion
Charlie Jones - Bass
Producing, guiding, advising, cajoling, compiling, artworking, additional percussing, incessant unplugged contrapuntal guitaring, mastering and hosting of gin Fridays: Chris Hughes
Recording: Mark Frith at Ashley Manor, Wiltshire
Mixing: Tchad Blake at Mongrel
Photographing and encouraging: Richard ‘Dickie’ Chappell
More artworking: RidArt
Song writing: David Rhodes
Publishing: Real World Music