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Artist: David Lol Perry
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David Lol Perry Three Wings Classical CD
Three Wings is a sublime collection of 14th Century plainsong reimagined for the 21st Century featuring additional electro-acoustic instrumentation by composer/producer David Lol Perry alongside the voices of the Winchester College Quiristers.
All copies sold via Burning Shed come with an exclusive, signed A4-size piece of the original sheet music..
Three Wings - Plainsong, reworked
1. Salve Virgo Virginum
2. Flos Regalis Virginalis
3. Ave Maris Stella
4. Gaudens In Domino
5. Peperit Virgo
6. Laudemus Virginem
7. Puer Natus Est Nobis
8. Sainte Nicholaes Solem
9. Missa de Angelis Sanctus
10. Missa de Angelis Agnus Dei
11. O Filii Et Filiae
12. Creator Alme Siderum
13. Paradisi Portae
14. Missa de Angelis Kyrie Eleison
15. Salve Regina
16. Sainte Nicholaes Gloria
17. Uterus Hodie Virginis Floruit


Vocals recorded in Winchester College Chapel and directed by Malcolm Archer
All music – David Lol Perry recorded 2017 at Lol's Wharf Studio
David Lol Perry - all instrumentation 
Winchester College's Quiristers - all vocals.
Quiristers directed by Malcolm Archer.
Produced by David Lol Perry
2015 vocals session engineered by Opus Studios;  October 2015 & February 2017 vocals sessions engineered by Adaq Khan.
Mastered by Adaq Khan.