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Format: CD
Artist: David K Jones
CatNo: WHOOP22001CD
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David K Jones Days In Corners Plenty CD
Days In Corners is the first solo album from David K Jones (bass player with Moonshot, Plenty and The Swan Chorus).
Developed in collaboration with Brian Hulse and Peter Goddard from demos recorded over 20 years ago, its creation became a lockdown labour of love. 
By turns poignant and lush, the album consists of ten haunting songs about reflection, relationships and romance. 
The album includes guest performances by Tim Bowness, Darren Dean, Henry Rogers (Mostly Autumn), Jenny Whittaker and John Wilkinson (Mama).
CD in digifile.
1. rescue me
2. crazy rain
3. don't go
4. footprints in the sand
5. world keeps turning
6. as good as it gets
7. that summer
8. last cigarette
9. spin
10. no more lullabies