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David Cross Band Sign Of The Crow cd
The David Cross Band's stunning 2016 studio album Sign Of The Crow
Co-written with former King Crimson lyricist Richard Palmer-James, the album features ex KC violinist David Cross with his regular band of Paul Clark, Mick Paul, Jinian Wilde, and Craig Blundell (Steven Wilson).
A powerful Progressive Rock statement about darkness and light performed with grace and energy.
1. Starfall (5.52)
2. Sign of the Crow (7.04)
3. Crowdsurfing (5.03)
4. The Pool (9.07)
5. Raintwist  (6.26)
6. Spiderboy  (7.05)
7. Mumbo Jumbo (5.52)
8. Water on the Flame (5.27)
9. Rain Rain (9.31)
All tracks composed by David Cross, Paul Clark, Mick Paul and Richard Palmer James. All tracks Copyright Control (MCPS)
The David Cross Band
Jinian Wilde: Voice
David Cross: Violin
Paul Clark: Guitar
Alex Hall: Keyboards (on tracks 2,3,4)
Mick Paul: Bass
Craig Blundell: Drums
Various keyboards, noises and mistakes contributed by David Cross, Mick Paul and Paul Clark as the mood took them.
Produced by David Cross and Mick Paul with much input from Paul Clark.
Mastered by Dave Turner at 360 Mastering
Artwork and cover design by Angel Stephens.
Band and individual Photos by Chiemi Cross.