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Format: vinyl
Artist: David Byrne
CatNo: 0075597929577
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David Byrne Grown Backwards Talking Heads Double vinyl
The 2019 vinyl debut of David Byrne's Nonesuch Records debut album, Grown Backwards (from 2004).  
This edition contains the original album plus six previously unreleased tracks, including a duet with Caetano Veloso on their song Dreamworld.  
Mastered by Greg Calbi and pressed on 2 x 140g vinyl, the album comes in a metallic sleeve. 
‘It fits alongside the best of his career and adds another solid release to a solo catalogue which will hopefully become more cherished in time.’ - Pitchfork
Please note the final few copies have a few creases to the spine and edges. Sold as seen, no returns.
1.                  Glass, Concrete & Stone
2.                  The Man Who Loved Beer 
3.                  Au fond du temple saint 
4.                  Empire 
5.                  Tiny Apocalypse 
1.                  She Only Sleeps 
2.                  Dialog Box  
3.                  The Other Side of This Life 
4.                  Why 
5.                  Pirates 
1.                  Civilization  
2.                  Astronaut 
3.                  Glad            
4.                  Un di felice, eterea 
5.                  Lazy
1.                  Strange Enough              
2.                  50212          
3.                  Ausencia 
4.                  Dreamworld 
5.                  Show and Tell 
6.                  The Bumps