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Format: Boxset - vinyl
Artist: David Bowie
CatNo: 0190296773259
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David Bowie ToyBox Boxset
TOY:BOX is a special 6 x 10" vinyl edition of the previously unreleased TOY album by David Bowie
The ‘capture the moment’ approach of the recording sessions are extended to the sleeve artwork designed by Bowie featuring a photo of him as a baby with a contemporary face. The package also contains a 16-page book featuring previously unseen photographs by Frank Ockenfels 3.
Recorded following David's triumphant Glastonbury 2000 performance, Bowie entered the studio with his band, Mark Plati, Sterling Campbell, Gail Ann Dorsey, Earl Slick, Mike Garson, Holly Palmer and Emm Gryner, to record new interpretations of songs he’d first recorded between 1964-1971. David planned to record the album ‘old school’ with the band playing live, choose the best takes and then release it as soon as possible. The label said, ’No.'
Included in TOY:BOX are alternative mixes and versions including proposed B-Sides, later mixes by Tony Visconti and the ‘Tibet Version’ of Silly Boy Blue featuring Philip Glass on piano and Moby on guitar, and 'Unplugged & Somewhat Slightly Electric’ mixes of thirteen TOY tracks.
10” no. 1
Side 1
I Dig Everything 
You've Got A Habit of Leaving 
The London Boys 
Side 2
Karma Man 
Conversation Piece 
Shadow Man 
10” no. 2
Side 3
Let Me Sleep Beside You 
Hole In The Ground 
Baby Loves That Way 
Side 4
Can't Help Thinking About Me 
Silly Boy Blue 
Toy (Your Turn To Drive) 
10” no. 3
Side 5
Liza Jane 
You've Got A Habit of Leaving (alternative mix) 
Baby Loves That Way (alternative mix) 
Side 6
Can't Help Thinking About Me (alternative mix) 
I Dig Everything (alternative mix) 
The London Boys (alternative version) 
10” no. 4
Side 7
Silly Boy Blue (Tibet version)  
Let Me Sleep Beside You(alternative mix)   
In The Heat Of The Morning 
Conversation Piece (alternative mix)   
Side 8
Hole In The Ground (alternative mix) 
Shadow Man (alternative mix) 
Toy (Your Turn To Drive) (alternative mix) 
10” no. 5
Side 9
In The Heat Of The Morning (Unplugged & somewhat slightly electric mix)   
I Dig Everything (Unplugged & somewhat slightly electric mix)  
You've Got A Habit of Leaving (Unplugged & somewhat slightly electric mix) 
Side 10
The London Boys (Unplugged & somewhat slightly electric mix)  
Karma Man (Unplugged & somewhat slightly electric mix)  
Conversation Piece(Unplugged & somewhat slightly electric mix)   
10” no. 6
Side 11
Shadow Man (Unplugged & somewhat slightly electric mix) 
Let Me Sleep Beside You (Unplugged & somewhat slightly electric mix)   
Hole In The Ground (Unplugged & somewhat slightly electric mix)  
Baby Loves That Way (Unplugged & somewhat slightly electric mix)  
Side 12
Can't Help Thinking About Me (Unplugged & somewhat slightly electric mix)   
Silly Boy Blue (Unplugged & somewhat slightly electric mix)  
Toy (Your Turn To Drive) (Unplugged & somewhat slightly electric mix)