Price: £34.25
Format: Vinyl
Artist: David Bowie
CatNo: 0190296726798
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David Bowie Low Orange vinyl Brian Eno
The 2017 remaster of David Bowie's influential 1977 release, Low.
The first Bowie release to feature Brian Eno, the atmospheric experiments of Low marked the beginning of Bowie's still thrilling 'Berlin trilogy'.
Orange 45th anniversary vinyl edition.
Side 1
1. Speed Of Life                                        
2. Breaking Glass  
3. What In The World                                              
4. Sound And Vision                                      
5. Always Crashing In The Same Car                               
6. Be My Wife                                   
7. A New Career In A New Town                   
Side 2
1. Warszawa                                              
2. Art Decade                                                                          
3. Weeping Wall                                         
4. Subterraneans