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Format: CD
Artist: Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin
CatNo: BRCDLP-04-S
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Spin Barbara Gaskin Dave Stewart Signed
The 'intelligent pop' duo's critically acclaimed 'Spin' (first released in 1991) is now available in a remastered, 59-minute special edition which includes a previously unreleased cover of Randy Newman's haunting 'I've Been Wrong Before'. The album ships in a full colour Digipak with a 20-page booklet featuring new artwork and archive photos, and concludes the Stewart/Gaskin history started in 'Broken Records - The Singles' (Special Edition). Copies signed by Dave & Barbara are also available.
Having spent most of the eighties cooped up in the studio, Dave & Barbara resumed live performance in 1990. After a short tour of the US East Coast and Midwest the duo returned to the UK and recorded 'Spin', which (as a result of a new, live-based approach and relatively short recording schedule) has a somewhat more direct and pop-based approach than its predecessor 'The Big Idea'. As this pair of albums were originally released only in Japan, USA and Germany, we are pleased to make them available worldwide here for the first time.

1. Walking The Dog (Rufus Thomas)

2. The Cloths Of Heaven (D. Stewart)

3. Eight Miles High (Clark / McGuinn / Crosby)

4. Amelia (Joni Mitchell)

5. Trash Planet (D. Stewart)

6. Golden Rain (D. Stewart)

7. Your Lucky Star (D. Stewart)

8. Cast Your Fate To The Wind (Guaraldi / Werber) / Louie Louie (R. Berry) (medley) 

9. The Sixties Never Die (D. Stewart)

10. Star Blind (D. Stewart)