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Artist: Dave Stewart
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Dave Stewart Inside The Music Volume 3 download

Keyboardist Dave Stewart's Inside The Music Volume 3 deconstructs songs from the Stewart / Gaskin album Star Clocks, along with an exhaustive investigation of the epic 'New Jerusalem' featuring drum notes by Gavin Harrison. Also included is a hitherto unpublished article on the song 'Ride the High Atlantic Wind'.


Published online in 2020 and now available in eBook format, the articles contain notation, audio clips, extensive song and recording notes, musical insights and autobiographical details from the composer, Barbara Gaskin and guitarist Beren Matthews.


A fascinating and engagingly written glimpse into the unique musical mind of one of the UK's most respected keyboardists and composers.


1. Wings On Our Shoes (Part 1)
2. Wings On Our Shoes (Part 2)
3. Heavy Heart
4. Ride the High Atlantic Wind
5. New Jerusalem (Part 1)
6. New Jerusalem (Part 2A - Parts & Arrangement)
7. New Jerusalem (Part 2B - Drums & Recording Notes)
8. Drizzle Cloaks
9. Time's Arrow