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Format: CD
Artist: Dave Sinclair
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Dave Sinclair Out Of Sinc Canterbury Caravan Camel CD
Dave Sinclair’s 2018 studio release includes the 18 minute career highlight Home Again, the Kevin Ayers’ tribute Rings Around The Moon, and If I Run (which dates back to 1971 when Sinclair was working with Robert Wyatt in Matching Mole).
Features Pye Hastings, Andy Latimer, Geoffrey Richardson, Doug Boyle, Tony Coe and the Derby Cathedral Choir.
CD in jewel case with obi in Japanese
1.  Blue Eyes    (06:40)
2.  Back With You  (05:20)
3.  If I Run  (06:30)
4.  On My Own  (04:46)
5.  Home Again  (17:50)
6.  Crazie Blue  (05:15)
7.  Island Of Dreams  (03:40)
8.  Our World  (05:10)
9.  Rings Around The Moon  (05:48)