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Format: CD
Artist: Dave Bessell
CatNo: DiN62
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Dave Bessell Reality Engine CD Electronic Music Ambient
The downtempo electronica release Reality Engine sees Dave Bessell indulge his passion for literature with compositions inspired by the writings of Jorge Luis Borges, the Brothers Grimm and Lord Dunsany. 
Awash with engaging atmospheres and distinctive melodies, the album features unusual instrumentation alongside analogue and modular synths (including the beautiful Aum guitar, which is used to stunning effect). 

Codex   05:57  
2 The Silver Thread   07:16  
3 Ghost Of Lost Cities   07:10  
4 Sleeping Air Awakes   05:01
5 A Man Is A Small Thing And The Night Is Large And Full Of Wonders   06:44  
6 Raven King   06:38  
7 The Fountains Are Singing   05:09
8 The Tower   06:05  
9 Neverwhere   09:25