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Format: CD
Artist: Dave Bessell
CatNo: DIN84
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Dave_Bessell Chromatic_Lightning_Cage CD DiN
Chromatic Lightning Cage sees synthesist Dave Bessell sees completing a quartet of albums loosely based on the Greek philosophy of the Four Elements, Fire, Water, Earth and Air. 
Bessell explores harmonic progressions with a series of interlocking delicate arpeggios and blurs the line between guitar and synth using his stringed instruments as controllers for his modular systems. 
A fascinating release from an intriguing talent.
01 After Hours 5:43
02 Forest Under The Sea 3:41
03 Darkening Air 7:17
04 Dream Of The Red Chamber 7:10
05 Ariel 5:01
06 Unheimlich 8:36
07 Nightshade 8:55
08 Moths 9:34
09 Elegy 6:31