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Artist: Darkthrone
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Darkthrone Holy Darkthrone Darkthrone CD
On the aptly named 'Darkthrone Holy Darkthrone', eight Norwegian Black Metal legends pay tribute to the inspirational band that helped define the genre and pave the way for decades of destruction to come.
Originally released in 1998, the album was in honour of Darkthrone's first 10 years of existence.
Darkthrone began in the late 80’s as a thrash/death metal act and progressed via flirtations with technical death/doom metal experimentation to become legends of the black metal world, defining a genre and inspiring generations of metal bands.
‘Darkthrone Holy Darkthrone’, originally released in 1998 on Moonfog Productions, features eight Norwegian black metal bands paying tribute to an inspiration. 
The album mainly focuses on Darkthrone’s earliest works, from the blasting opener from the ‘A Blaze in the Northern Sky’ album - courtesy of Satyricon - via the experimental rendition of ‘The Pagan Winter’ from Thorns.
Closing with Immortal’s ‘To Walk the Infernal Fields’, this is a faithful and passionate tribute to an essential band given an individual touch from each act involved.
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1. Satyricon - Kathaarian Life Code 
2. Enslaved - Natassja In Eternal Sleep
3. Thorns - The Pagan Winter
4. Emperor – Cromlech
5. Dødheimsgard - Green Cave Float 
6. Gehenna - Transilvanian Hunger
7. Gorgoroth - Slottet I Det Fjerne
8. Immortal - To Walk The Infernal Fields