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Format: cd
Artist: Dark Sanctuary
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letre las-lenvers du miroir peaceville dark sanctuary cd
Based in Paris Dark Sanctuary formed in February 1996 with the line-up of Arkdae on keyboards and Marquise Ermia on vocals. 
L'ETRES LAS-L'ENVERS DU MIROIR was originally released in 2003, as the band continued to impress with their highly developed and effective brand of dark gothic ambience, expanding upon their deep knowledge of orchestration to create atmosphere, with the ever-impressive beautiful female vocals prominent throughout.
This, the band's third album was recorded March 2002 at E-Studio, Germany, where Dark Sanctuary had recorded previous albums. This album was considered as being responsible for establishing Dark Sanctuary as one of the genre leaders, and the album saw success particularly in both France and Germany.
1. L'arrogance (8:46)
2. L'envers Du Miroir (7:38)
3. Malveillance (0:52)
4. Les Larmes Du Méprisé (6:54)
5. Profondeur De L'âme (1:31)
6. Assombrissement De L'âme (6:37)
7. Silence Macabre (4:07)
8. La Mort Avant Le Déshonneur (1:46)
10. De Larmes Et De Sang (6:05)
11. Vie Éphémère (4:10)
12. Face À Une Mort Rassasiée (1:19)
13. Loin Des Mortels (6:39)
14. La Rencontre Fatale (9:35)
15. Tout Ce Sang Versé (2:30)