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Artist: Dark Sanctuary
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de lumiere et dobscurite dark sanctuary cd peaceville
Parisians Dark Sanctuary formed in February 1996, with the line-up of Arkdae on keyboards and Marquise Ermia on vocals. 
Their debut official release followed soon after in 1997, with the 'Funeral Cry' MCD, featuring one single 20 minute song. 
The band later added more members, including a violinist, at which point Dark Sanctuary then recorded their debut album.    
Originally released in November 2000, 'De Lumiere' is Dark Sanctuary's second full-length album. 
Creating dark atmospheric, ambient/neo-classical music, often compared to the classic band Dead Can Dance, the band featured on a tribute compilation to said act called 'Summoning of the Muse'.    
Dark Sanctuary has effectively translated their rich sound to the live arena, performing at numerous gothic/darkwave festivals throughout Europe.
1. Préludia
2. De lumiere et d'obscurite
3. Le paradis noir
4. Rêve mortuaire
5. Cet enfer au paradis
6. La chute de l'ange
7. Interludia
8. Au milieu des sepultures
9. Ordre et decadence
10. Les entrailles de ce purgatoire
11. Funerailles
12. Que mon dernier soupir m'emporte
13. Summoning of the muse