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Format: CD-R
Artist: Darkroom
CatNo: BS_134_Cd-r
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cd-r darkroom fallout 2

Featuring Darkroom as duo (Michael Bearpark and Os), Fallout 2 is another collection of hair raising live performances from this impossible to pigeon-hole improv-electronica outfit.

one         21:12
two         11:46
three       15:47
four         25:15
music by michael bearpark, andrew ostler
produced by os
contains live recordings as follows:
29.04.2000     the portland arms, cambridge
30.06.2000     the cambridge drama centre, cambridge
19.10.2000     cc's, cambridge
01.03.2001     cc's, cambridge
made in the eec.  all rights reserved.
photography by carl glover
design by aleph