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Format: CD
Artist: Custom Blue
CatNo: HOHUM004
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Custom Blue All Will Be Well cd
Custom Blue is the duo of Alex Pilkington and Simon Shippey
Its stunning 2009 album All Will Be Well was the first from the band since leaving Island Records in the early 2000s. 
Featuring emotionally charged songwriting, beautifully layered production and an organic approach, All Will Be Well exudes a timeless feel and an instinctive quality and was recorded over a 2 year period in London and Devon with noted electronic producer Mark Pritchard, and Neo-Soul outfit Spacek.
Electronica singer-songwriter, organic downtempo?? Regardless of labels, All Will Be Well is a charmed and heartfelt piece of work.
1. Cobblestones (4:01) 
2. Not the only one (3:29) 
3. Bruised you too (3:50) 
4. Sun Gate (3:33) 
5. Over your shoulder (4:18) 
6. Outline (2:43) 
7. Small Animals (3:32) 
8. Autumn Flight (2:39) 
9. So far away (3:55) 
10. Black Ice (6:13) 
11. All Will Be Well (1:51) 
12. April Eyes (6:04)