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Format: CD
Artist: Crippled Black Phoenix
CatNo: KSCOPE641
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crippled black phoenix night raider se delan mogwai remaster cd
A remastered mid-price edition of Night Raider (2009), the last album in the trilogy that started with A Love of Shared Disasters (2006).
U.K. progressive post-rock supergroup Crippled Black Phoenix is a musical collective that has featured nearly 30 members in its rotating roster. The constant driving force is multi-instrumentalist Justin Greaves (Electric Wizard, Iron Monkey, Se Delan), who formed the band in 2004 with Mogwai bassist Dominic Aitchison. Creating what they describe as "endtime ballads” to signify both the slightly macabre nature of their songs and the unusual blend of styles as the final evolution in music. The band have made live shows a focus by performing in unusual venues across the world as well as using Victorian-era instruments in tandem with more modern instruments, often involving more than a dozen members on-stage.
CD in digipak with an 8-page booklet with newly designed artwork.
1. Time Of Ye Life / Born For Nothing / Paranoid Arm Of Narcoleptic Empire [18:42]
2. Wendigo [03:52]
3. Bat Stack [03:46]
4. Along Where The Wind Blows [02:19]
5. Onward Ever Downwards [03:44]
6. A Lack Of Common Sense [07:15]
7. Trust No One [03:29]
8. I Am Free, Today I Perished [06:05]