Price: £7.99
Format: CD
Artist: Crippled Black Phoenix
CatNo: KSCOPE444
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Crippled Black Phoenix A Love of Shared Disasters Se Delan cd
A 2018 Kscope label mid-price reissue of the 2004 debut release by Post Rock supergroup Crippled Black Phoenix.

U.K. progressive post-rock supergroup Crippled Black Phoenix is a musical collective that has featured nearly 30 members in its rotating roster. The constant driving force is multi- instrumentalist Justin Greaves (Electric Wizard, Iron Monkey, Se Delan), who formed the band in 2004 with Mogwai bassist Dominic Aitchison. 

CD in digipak with alternative artwork.
1. The Lament Of The Nithered Mercenary [02:36]
2. Really, How`d It Get This Way [04:49]
3. The Whistler [09:45]
4. Suppose I Told The Truth (Why I Had To Go) [05:03]
5. When You`re Gone [05:35]
6. Long Cold Summer [10:24]
7. Goodnight, Europe [06:08]
8. You Take The Devil Out Of Me [04:23]
9. The Northern Cobbler [07:13]
10. My Enemies I Fear Not, But Protect Me From My Friends [06:34]
11. I`m Almost Home [05:32]
12. Sharks & Storms / Blizzard Of Horned Cats [08:19]