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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Cranes
CatNo: DADA006LP
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Cranes Fuse Vinyl Limited
2024 re-reissue of Cranes' rare (cassette only) debut album Fuse (1986).
Remastered at Abbey Road in 2023. the album includes an extra unheard track from the period called New Liberty.
Fuse showcases a sparser, darker and more industrial, post punk sound. From the hypnotic allure and rhythmic intensity of the title track to the ferocious and challenging beats of Wrench, the songs are just as mesmerising as Cranes' later, critically acclaimed releases.  
Black vinyl LP (limited to 500 copies worldwide)
1. Pillow Panther 
2. Fuse (Original Version) 
3. Valentine 
4. Gas-Ring
1. Things That I Like 
2. Wrench 
3. Fracture 
4. New Liberty