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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Constant Follower
CatNo: Shimmy-2007
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Constant Follower Neither Is Nor Ever Was Green vinyl
The ten songs on this extraordinary LP were written by Scottish songwriter Stephen McAll following 10 years of isolation on the West Coast of Scotland, as he was re-learning to write and play guitar following a violent gang attack in Glasgow that left him with a devastating head injury, semi-paralyzed and with all previous memories gone.
Mixed and mastered by the legendary Kramer, who co-produced the album with McAll. 
“The neo-folk music of Stephen McAll and his band, Constant Follower, is intimate, unvarnished. Its raw inner beauty casts a deeply affecting spell.” - The Scotsman
"A gorgeous listen, full of bucolic melody and personal revelation, an album unafraid to speak its truth." - Clash Magazine
Limited 'An Endless Green' vinyl edition.
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1. I Can't Wake You 05:55
2. The Merry Dancers On TV 04:48
3. Set Aside Some Time 03:01
4. Spirits In The Roof Tree 04:20
5. Altona 02:43
6. Weave of the World 02:50
7. One Word Away 03:35
8. Little Marble 05:01
9. What's Left To Say 03:00
10. Weicha 05:22
Mixed & Mastered by KRAMER @ Noise Miami, 2021
Co-Produced by Stephen McAll & Kramer
All Songs by Stephen McAll
McAll - vocals, guitars, synths, keys, bass
Andrew Pankhurst - guitars, vocals
Kathleen Stosch - vocals, synth, bass
Amy Campbell - vocals, keys
Cover Art by Seonna Hong