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Format: CD
Artist: Comus
CatNo: ECLEC2629
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Comus First Utterance cd
A 2018 remastered and expanded version of the truly astonishing 1971 debut from Comus.
Dark Psychedelia, Perverse Prog, Warped Folk??? Regardless of what it is or isn't, First Utterance has developed a significant cult following since its release and is famously beloved of Mikael Akerfeldt (who named Opeth’s 1998 album My Arms, Your Hearse after lyrics from the Comus song Drip, Drip).
Includes four bonus tracks taken from the Diana maxi-single, along with the song All The Colours Of Darkness, recorded during the First Utterance sessions. 
The booklet contains the original album artwork and an essay by Malcolm Dome and interviews with band members. 
1. Diana (4:37)
2. The Herald (12:12)
3. Drip Drip (10:54)
4. Song To Comus (7:30)
5. The Bite (5:26)
6. Bitten (2:15)
7. The Prisoner (6:14)
Bonus tracks
8. Diana (single version) (4:24) 
9. In The Lost Queen's Eye (2:49) 
10. Winter Is A Coloured Bird (8:00) 
11. All The Colours Of Darkness