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Artist: Colin Edwin
CatNo: HWCD007
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Porcupine Tree bass player Colin Edwin's debut release as a solo performer is a cohesive collection of instrumentals and spoken word performances set to music. 
Combining diverse influences in an atmospheric and focused way, Third Vessel is a mysterious and beautiful release.
Highlights include Inward Search (in which deep buddhist chants meet insistent, driving basslines), the tantalizing tale of The Box, and the almost Industrial, Silence.
Varkala (2.26)
Nothing Alarming (4.01)
The Indian Bird (5.08)
Contaminated (Returned to Sanity) (3.18)
Inward Search (4.39)
Exit Strategy (4.45)
Silence (5.08)
Specific Sea (4.48)
The Box (5.00)
Phone Matters (5.14)
She-Sha-La (5.29)
Two Worlds (4.14)
Geoglyph (6.16)
Third Vessel is the debut solo release from Bass player Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree, Ex-Wise Heads)
In his own words:
I first heard some of the stories of the Sufi mystics at a very young age, without knowing anything about them, their context or history. They are entertaining, thought provoking and sometimes also funny, occasionally appearing to be unresolved. However, they are all designed to be able to convey ideas, human concepts and sometimes even deep spiritual messages directly to the listener.  I decided to set a few of my favourite tales to music of my own design, and so that the listener doesn't tire of my own voice, I have invited a guest or two to join me.
The album also contains instrumental pieces, which are more loosely based on the theme of communication in general, and which hopefully fit in with the spoken pieces and the ideas behind the original stories which have continued to inspire me."