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Artist: Colin Edwin
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Colin Edwin Mesh EP Flac download
Following on from his previous, predominantly instrumental and spoken word solo albums, Third Vessel and PVZ, Colin Edwin delivers a more song-based approach on the Mesh EP (a precursor to a full-length album due later in 2015).
Recruiting vocalist and RNG bandmate Robert Peck for three of the five tracks, the tracks draw their inspiration from nocturnal urban landscapes and explore contradictory inner worlds. 
Described by Colin as, "A soundtrack to moments of indecision and transition," the material on Mesh is rife with subconscious, dreamlike imagery and possesses a coherent and compelling emotional and musical flow. 
24bit/44.1kHz Flac
1. Almost Ready (2:33)
2. Mixed Signals (4:17)
3. Enlightened (3:45)
4. Mesh (4:34)
5. Coiled (4:07)