Price: £50.00
Format: Vinyl
Artist: Coffin Storm
CatNo: VILELP1113-TP
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Coffin_Storm Arcana_Rising Test_Pressing
Rare Test Pressing of Arcana Rising.
Norway’s Coffin Storm is a new band consisting of Apollyon (Aura Noir/Lamented Souls), Bestial Tormentor (Infernö/Lamented Souls) and Darkthrone’s Fenriz.
The trio's debut album Arcana Rising offers a powerful fusion of classic heavy metal, slow thrash and doom (a torrent of rousing, accomplished titanic riffing commandeered by Fenriz’s unmistakable vocal prowess).
Vinyl in single white sleeve. Please note this does NOT come with a printed album sleeve.
1 Over Frozen Moors  [6:08]
2 Arcana Rising  [6:47]
3 Open the Gallows  [10:26]
1 Eighty-Five And Seven Miles  [7:18]
2 Ceaseless Abandon  [6:57]
3 Clockwork Cult  [7:21]