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Format: CD
Artist: Clive Mitten
CatNo: BUM004
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Clive Mitten Twelfth Night Suite Cryptique
A two-hour double CD release comprising cinematic orchestral re-compositions of all the material contained on Twelfth Night's recordings between 1978 and 1983 (plus a few live favourites).
A labour of love, in reworking the music in a classical style, Clive Mitten has produced something entirely new from TN’s early legacy (a booklet contains comprehensive sleeve notes explaining the concept behind the album).
The cover painting is one of several sketches Geoff Mann made in 1982, while Twelfth Night were recording the Fact & Fiction album. 
Written, arranged, recorded, and produced by Clive, with help from violinist extraordinaire Jane Mann (strings consultant), and Twelfth Night guitarist Andy Revell (unravelling guitar parts and general feedback).
1. Part 1: Live at the Target [25:30]
2. Part 2: Live (and Let Live) [22:58]
3. Part 3: The Collector [20:13]
1. Part4: Fact and Fiction [32:32]
2. Part5: Creepshow [17:38]