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Format: cd
Artist: Chicago
CatNo: 0081227941499
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Chicago II Steven Wilson Remix Chicago cd
A 2017 stereo version of Chicago II, an album that still sounds like nothing else. 
Originally issued in 1970, Chicago's second album brims with confidence and inspiration as it draws on everything from ambitious orchestral music to heavy rock. 
Chicago II has been remixed before, but never like this. For the first time, a stereo remix from the 16-track multi-track tapes made it possible for Steven Wilson to bring out elements that were muffled or submerged in the mix. The result is a stereo version of Chicago II that boasts a clarity and punch it didn't possess before.
1. Movin' In
2. The Road
3. Poem For The People
4. In The Country
5. Wake Up Sunshine
6. Make Me Smile
7. So Much To Say, So Much To Give
8. Anxiety's Moment
9. West Virginia Fantasies
10. Colour My World
11. To Be Free
12. Now More Than Ever
13. Fancy Colours
14. 25 Or 6 To 4
15. Prelude
16. A.M. Mourning
17. P.M. Mourning
18. Memories Of Love
19. It Better End Soon (1st Movement)
20. It Better End Soon (2nd Movement)
21. It Better End Soon (3rd Movement)
22. It Better End Soon (4th Movement)
23. Where Do We Go From Here