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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Charlie Barnes
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Charlie Barnes Oceanography Bastille vinyl

2018’s Oceanography is Bastille live member Charlie Barnes’ second studio album for Superball Music.

Dan Smith from Bastille guests on an album that is immense in its sonic scope - taking influences from Oceansize and Amplifier - and streamlined in its use of melodic Pop hooks.

It’s a long way from Charlie's beginnings as a solo artist, armed with an array of loop pedals, a keyboard and a vocal mic. Thematically Oceanography is an album that addresses Barnes’ inner conflicts as an artist, the idea of 'making it' and what that even means, while at the same time dealing in a heavy sense of self-awareness that such inner turmoil pales in the context of wider issues currently facing the world. 

An album of grace, poise and sonic fireworks.

180g black vinyl edition with CD.

Side A:
Will & Testament
One Word Answers
Side B:
The Departure
Former Glories
All I Have
The Weather
1. Intro
2. Oceanography 
3. Will & Testament
4. Bruising
5. Ruins
6. One Word Answers
7. The Departure
8. Legacy
9. Former Glories
10. Maria
11. All I Have
12. The Weather