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Format: Boxset
Artist: Charley Patton
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3cd charley patton the definitive charly
A re-presentation of the acclaimed Catfish Records  Charley Patton box-set which earned a 4-Star review in Uncut, on the popular Complete Blues-The Works imprint.
Includes all of the 58 tracks originally released by the Godfather of the Delta Blues, recorded between 1929 and 1934.
Presented in chronological sequence on three discs in a clambox with a detailed 20 page booklet.
As the message on his tombstone noted, he was the 'Voice of the Delta' the 'Foremost Performer of Early Mississippi Blues, whose songs became cornerstones of American Music.'
1.  Mississippi Boweavil Blues
2.  Screamin' And Hollerin' The Blues
3.  Down The Dirt Road Blues
4.  Pony Blues
5.  Banty Rooster Blues
6.  It Won't Be Long
7.  Pea Vine Blues
8.  Tom Rushen Blues
9.  A Spoonful Blues
10.  Shake It And Break It (But Don't Let It Fall Mama)
11.  Prayer Of Death Part One
12.  Prayer Of Death Part Two
13.  Lord I'm Discouraged
14.  I'm Goin' Home
15.  Going To Move To Alabama
16.  Elder Greene Blues
17.  Circle Round The Moon
18.  Devil Sent The Rain Blues
19.  Mean Black Cat Blues
20.  Frankie And Albert
1.  Some These Days I'll Be Gone
2.  Green River Blues
3.  Hammer Blues
4.  Magnolia Blues
5.  When Your Way Gets Dark
6.  Heart Like Railroad Steel
7.  Some Happy Day
8.  You're Gonna Need Somebody When You Die
9.  Jim Lee Blues Part One
10.  Jim Lee Blues Part Two
11.  High Water Everywhere Part One
12.  High Water Everywhere Part Two
13.  Jesus Is A Dying-Bed Maker
14.  I Shall Not Be Moved
15.  Rattlesnake Blues
16.  Running Wild Blues
17.  Joe Kirby
18.  Mean Black Moan
19.  Dry Well Blues
20.  Some Summer Day Part One
1.  Moon Going Down
2.  Bird Nest Bound
3.  Jersey Bull Blues
4.  High Sheriff Blues
5.  Stone Pony Blues
6.  34 Blues
7.  Love My Stuff
8.  Revenue Man Blues
9.  Oh Death
10.  Troubled 'Bout My Mother
11.  Poor Me
12.  Hang It On The Wall
13.  Farrell Blues
14.  Come Back Corrina
15.  Tell Me Man Blues
16.  Be True, Be True Blues
17.  Yellow Bee
18.  Mind Reader Blues